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Your BHPA Membership Card

Your BHPA membership card contains details of the ratings, endorsements and licences that you have attained in your flying career and are currently still valid. You may sometimes find that not all the qualifications that you thought you possessed are listed on your membership card.

BHPA membership card

Errors in the office computer system are few, but pilots can sometimes not get credited with a qualification, such as a tow endorsement, because they or the training establishment they attended have not advised the BHPA office of the qualification attained.

Shortly after you obtain a new rating or endorsement you should be issued with an up-to-date BHPA membership card showing your new qualification.

Please check that your membership card shows all the qualifications you believe you have attained. If your membership card does not, please call the BHPA office on 0116 289 4316 to check if they have received details of your "missing" endorsement or rating.

If the Office has no trace of it, please contact the school or club where you obtained your new endorsement or rating.

Last updated: 28 February 2021

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