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British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

BHPA Safety Advisories

The following Safety Advisories have been issued by the BHPA Flying & Safety Committee.

Document Details File Size Uploaded
sc013.pdf Hang-gliding harnesses with back plates 46k 12.04.2016
sc012.pdf Unsheathed upper cascade lines 46k 25.02.2016
sc011.pdf Fuel tanks 629k 18.12.2015
sc010.pdf Speed systems and risers 152k 21.04.2015
sc009.pdf Hang Glider Aerotow Tandem Operations 38k 30.01.2008
sc008.pdf Emergency Parachute Payload: DHV Certified Canopies 28k 30.01.2008
sc007.pdf Hang Glider Aerotowing: Foot Launch with a 50/50 bridle 37k 30.01.2008
sc005.pdf Updated Advice: Buying Your First Paraglider 48k 30.01.2008
sc004.pdf HG Harness Integrity 5k 30.01.2008
sc003.pdf Aerotowing with XL 462 HP fitted with Newton wooden two blade propeller 11k 30.01.2008
sc002.pdf HG Sail, Solar Wings Keels, Sup-air Air-foam "Mousse" back protectors, Discovery 195 11k 30.01.2008
sc001.pdf Revised DHV Paraglider Classification 11k 30.01.2008
sc000.pdf Aerolex Mark 103/Type A Phased Ban 11k 30.01.2008
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Last updated: 12 April 2016


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