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CANP for free fliers app

BHPA members Pete Logan and Chris Williams have developed an online app that makes submitting a CANP request a work of seconds.

Previously, requesting a NOTAM via CANP (Civil Aircraft Notification Procedure) by phone or e-mail, to notify low-level military aircrew and others of our activities, could be a slow and cumbersome process.

CANP for free flyers

The new CANP for free fliers app is simplicity itself. The developers have compiled a list of site names and their respective OS grid references and incorporated this within the app, which makes submitting a CANP request via the app much easier than by phone or email.

CANP App Flying Sites Map

How does it work?

All you need to do is visit CANP for free fliers and:

In the app's menu click "Current/Future CANPs" and check if a CANP booking has already been made for the site you intend to fly.

If a CANP booking has not been made for that site, in the app's menu click "send in CANP".

First select the apropriate enviroment (ie. Hill, Aerotow, Power, Tow/Winch) in the enviroment drop down list, followed by the resident club for the site you intend to fly in the Club dropdown list.

Then select the correct site name or location in the Location drop down list.

Finally enter the date you are planning to fly and your contact details, and submit you CANP request.

If you want to see how the app works before submitting a live request, you can select "try Sending a Test" in the app menu. You will receive a response as if it were a real request, but your request will not be submitted to UK Low Flying Coordination (LFC).

What happens next?

The CANP request is submitted to UK Low Flying Coordination (LFC), a Royal Air Force unit based at the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) centre at Swanwick, near Southampton. This is where military and civilian Air Traffic Control staff work together to ensure the safe passage of civilian and military aircraft flying over England, Scotland and Wales.

It can take up to 4 hours for the information to be processed and sent out to the aircrew who need to know. Submissions should therefore be made the evening before you intend to fly. If you forget to do that, submit your CANP request asap, but be aware that it may take 4 hours for the message to get through.

Why do I need to submit my contact details?

Once your request has been processed you will receive an email from UK Low Flying Coordination (LFC) confirming your request and giving the relevant NOTAM number, eg. H1509/20, which will appear on your NOTAM.

Your telephone number (but not your name) will also appear on the NOTAM to enable readers to get in touch and ask for more information on your NOTAM if needed. Other pilots getting in touch is rare. For further details of how information is collected and used, please click "Privacy Policy" in the app's menu.

CANP App Flying Sites Map

How can I see my NOTAM?

There are a various options for viewing NOTAM data in an easily accessible form, including Dave Massie's Notam Info. For further information about NOTAMs please see our Notam page.

What about competitions and large events?

A NOTAM specifically for large events can be requested, giving 7 days' notice, as outlined in the April 2019 issue of Skywings.

What about weekends?

Please remember CANP is specifically designed to notify military aircrew carrying out low-level flying. This only takes place routinely during the week, and the LFC desk is therefore only manned Monday to Thursday 7.00am - 8.00pm and Friday 7.00am - 3.00pm. Which also means that if you intend flying on a Monday morning you should really try to submit a CANP request on the previous Friday, as any request made on Monday morning is unlikely to result in an active NOTAM until the afternoon.

What if I'm not sure which site will be best?

It's OK to cover all sensible options for the forecast weather conditions by submitting CANP requests for different sites for the same day. It is important however not to cancel the sites you don't use as other pilots use those sites and be relying on your NOTAM.

Click to view latest map showing sites included in the app

App evolution

At the moment, with the full agreement of the relevant clubs, the app includes details of 276 hill sites, paramotor fields, winch sites, and aerotow hang glider fields in England and Wales. But at the moment does not include any flying sites in Scotland.

If your club or school flying sites are currently not listed in the app, and your club committee/CFI agrees that they can be included, please contact Chris Wlliams via Telegram @ChrisWilliams with your site names and locations (preferably as 6-figure grid references).

Sites can only be added to the app with the full approval by your club committee/CFI, as some clubs and schools may not wish to have details of their flying sites made public.

The CANP for free flyers app is provided as an alternative to the telephone and email options which are still available. Please see our CANP page for further information.

Last updated: 22 May 2023

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