British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

BHPA AGM Minutes

The following BHPA AGM minutes and director's AGM reports are available on this website.

Document Year File Size
Agm Reports202010012k
Agm Mins2020135k
Agm Reports20199432k
Agm Mins201996k
Agm Reports2018653k
Agm Mins201888k
Agm Reports2017665k
Agm Mins201759k
Agm Reports20161092k
Agm Mins201671k
Agm Reports2015838k
Agm Mins201573k
Agm Mins201470k
Agm Reports2013658k
Agm Finance Presentation201393k
Agm Reports20121820k
Agm Mins201260k
Agm Reports20112321k
Agm Mins201162k
Agm Reports2009633k
Agm Mins200963k
Agm Mins200848k
Agm Reports2007507k
Agm Mins200737k
Agm Reports2006806k
Agm Mins200642k
Agm Mins200541k
Agm Mins200423k
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List last updated: 4 Mar 2020