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BHPA Club Forms

The following table lists BHPA forms likely to be of interest to recreational clubs.

BHPA documents aimed at recreational clubs can be found on our club documents page, BHPA fees that recreational clubs may incur are available on our club fees page, and a list of all available BHPA club bulletins is available on our club bulletins page.

If you can't find what you are looking for on any of the above pages, you may wish to try member documents, member forms, and member fees, or school documents, school forms, and school fees.

Alternatively you may prefer to view a list of all BHPA documents, BHPA forms or BHPA fees.

You can also download a list of printed BHPA 'versioned' training documents, available from the BHPA office to schools, clubs and registered licensed members.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please contact the BHPA office.

Club Forms
Ass_Aerotow_Coach.pdf Aerotow Coach Assessment Form 215k 23.10.2012
Ass_Operator.pdf Operator Assessment Form 213k 01.10.2012
Ass_Tow_Coach.pdf Tow Coach Assessment Form 215k 01.10.2012
Club_Coach_rating.pdf Club Approval for Club Coach Licence 43k 06.06.2011
NB. The paper incident report form has now been discontinued. Please use the online incident report system instead.
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List of forms last updated: 23.10.2012

The following related items can be purchased from our online shop.

The Pilot Handbook can be purchased online in the BHPA shop

A Flight Logbook can be purchased online in the BHPA shop

A hard copy of the Technical Manual can be purchased online in the BHPA shop

The BHPA Technical Manual is also available as a Free Download.