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British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

BHPA Executive Council Minutes

The following BHPA Executive Council meeting minutes are available on this website.

Document Date File Size
Exec 2019b MinsJun 2019104k
Exec 2019a MinsMar 201990k
Exec 2018c MinsNov 2018109k
Exec 2018b MinsJun 2018114k
Exec 2018a MinsFeb 201885k
Exec 2017c MinsNov 2017118k
Exec 2017b MinsJun 2017116k
Exec 2017a MinsFeb 2017109k
Exec 2016c MinsNov 2016139k
Exec 2016b MinsJun 2016119k
Exec 2016a MinsFeb 201699k
Exec 2015c MinsNov 2015134k
Exec 2015b MinsJun 2015192k
Exec 2015a MinsMar 201569k
Exec 2014c MinsNov 201486k
Exec 2014b MinsJul 201479k
Exec 2014a MinsMar 201469k
Exec 2013c MinsOct 201381k
Exec 2013b MinsJun 201380k
Exec 2013a MinsMar 201364k
Exec 2012b MinsJun 201275k
Exec 2012a MinsMar 201265k
Exec 2011d MinsSep 201172k
Exec 2011c MinsJul 201152k
Exec 2011b MinsApr 201179k
Exec 2011a MinsFeb 201144k
Exec 2010c MinsDec 201075k
Exec 2010b MinsMay 201081k
Exec 2010a MinsJan 201081k
Exec 2009d MinsDec 200937k
Exec 2009c MinsSep 200965k
Exec 2009b MinsMay 200982k
Exec 2009a MinsJan 200919k
Exec 2008d MinsNov 20086k
Exec 2008c MinsSep 200817k
Exec 2008b MinsJun 200818k
Exec 2008a MinsJan 200823k
Exec 2007d MinsNov 20078k
Exec 2007c MinsOct 200721k
Exec 2007b MinsMay 200778k
Exec 2007a MinsJan 200780k
Exec 2006b MinsSep 200654k
Exec 2006a MinsFeb 200682k
Exec 2005c MinsNov 200525k
Exec 2005b MinsSep 200550k
Exec 2005a MinsFeb 200551k
Exec 2004c MinsSep 200431k
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