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British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

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Please contact the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) if you have any questions about paragliding, hang gliding, training, insurance, incidents, international ratings and safety issues in the United Kingdom.

For general enquires, or to notify a change of address (BHPA members and Skywings subscribers), please contact our head office in Leicester:
The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd
8 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1RJ, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0116 289 4316
Fax: 0116 289 8741

For technical enquires, please contact one of our technical officers:
Dave Thompson (Senior Technical Officer)
Email: david-thompson@bhpa.co.uk
Telephone:0116 289 4316

Mark Shaw (Technical Officer)
Email: mark-shaw@bhpa.co.uk
Telephone:0116 289 4316

Ian Currer (Technical Officer)
Email: ian-currer@bhpa.co.uk
Telephone:0116 289 4316

For enquires about Skywings Magazine content, please contact our editor:
Joe Schofield
Email: skywings@bhpa.co.uk
Telephone: 01379 855021

To advertise in Skywings Magazine, please contact our advertising agent:
Colin Fargher
Email: colin@skywingsmag.com
Telephone: 020 7193 9133

For enquiries about the BHPA Website, please contact our website administrator:
Email: web-admin@bhpa.co.uk

BHPA Executive Council

Marc Asquith - Chairman
Email: marc-asquith@bhpa.co.uk

Martin Baxter - Sites Officer
Email: martin-baxter@bhpa.co.uk

Bill Bell - Competitions Officer
Email: bill-bell@bhpa.co.uk

Ed Cunliffe - SPHG Representative
Email: edward-cunliffe@bhpa.co.uk

Paul Dancey - Publications & Web Site
Email: paul-dancey@bhpa.co.uk

Martin Heywood - Vice Chairman & Insurance Officer
Email: martin-heywood@bhpa.co.uk

Angus Langford - Treasurer & Company Secretary
Email: angus-langford@bhpa.co.uk

Mark Meadows
Email: mark-meadows@bhpa.co.uk

Angus Pinkerton - FSC Chairman
Email: angus-pinkerton@bhpa.co.uk

Richard Shaw
Email: richard-shaw@bhpa.co.uk

Adrian Thomas - CIVL Delegate
Email: adrian-thomas@bhpa.co.uk

John Welch - School's Liaison
Email: john@flightculture.co.uk


Other BHPA Officers

Rod Buck - Radio Advisor
Email: telespeed@tspd.org.uk

Richard Bungay - BHPA/FAI Records
Email: richard-bungay@bhpa.co.uk

Paul Mahony - Airprox Liaison
Email: paul-mahony@bhpa.co.uk

Lorenzo Labrador - CIVL Alternate
Email: lorenzolabrador@yahoo.com

George Ransome - Flyability Contact
Email: contact@flyability.org.uk

Bill Morris - Emergency Parachutes Advisor
Email: bill-morris@bhpa.co.uk


British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Limited
A company limited by guarantee and registered in England
Registration no: 2618166
Registered office: 340 Melton Road, Leicester, LE4 7SL
VAT no: 566090922