BHPA Registered Schools will train you at a rate of progress that is suitable for you.

They are monitored for safety, the quality of the training they offer, and the equipment they use, and their instructors are licensed by the Association.

For a better understanding of the various disciplines available within our sport and the training options available at each school, please visit the Our Sport and Learn to Fly pages.

A UK wide network of BHPA recreational clubs look after flying sites in their area, and offer guidance and assistance to qualified pilots at a local level. You can also contact your local recreational club for further information about BHPA registered school operating in your area before you commit to a course of training.

To find your nearest BHPA registered school, please enter the first part of your post code in the search box on the left side of this page.

You can also view the following alphabetical lists of BHPA registered schools:

Alternatively you can view a map showing the approximate location of all BHPA registered schools operating in the UK.

Other Sources of advice and information

The following list is just a small selection of the numerous alternative sources of advice and information available on the internet. These Facebook pages and forums are completely independent, and are not affiliated in any way to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association:

Full details of all BHPA registered schools operating overseas only are displayed below

Club Information

UK Structure

School Disciplines Contact Address Details
Alpine Flying Centre Paragliding:

Training overseas only
Dennis Trott.
Tel: 0033 450 54 59 63.
Mob: 0033 610 63 45 58.
799 route de la Grangeat, 74700, Domancy, FRANCE,. Based near Chamonix & Annecy we specialists in one-to-one training for accelerated EPC & CPC courses. We also offer Introduction to the Mountains, Refresher,Thermalling & Pilotage course. Paragliding:

Training overseas only
Gavin Jillings.
Tel: + 359 8999 82572.
Mob: + 359 8999 82572.
Vasil Levski13, Sopot 4330, Bulgaria,. Highly experienced instructors operating in one of the best flying areas in the world. Rapid and safe progression to qualifications.
Paragliding Spain Zero Gravity Parapente Paragliding:

Training overseas only
Jose Ramon Perez Martinez.
Tel: + 34 615 3725 54.
Av. de la Constitucion,, 44. 11680, Algodonales, Spain, 11680. Algodonales in sunny Spain, from beginners courses EP/CP to guided tours for pilots and XC training camps. Learn to fly with us in 1 to 2 weeks!
Verbier Summits Paragliding:

Training overseas only
Stuart Demetrius Belbas.
Tel: 00 41 79 710 9132.
Mob: 00 41 79 710 9132.
Ch de la Place 4, 1934, Fontanelle, SWITZERLAND,. Paragliding school in the Swiss Alps offering beginner to advanced courses, as well as specialised clinics and fly guiding for PG.
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