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British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Incident Reports - Formal Investigations

The following BHPA incident reports (formal investigations) are available on this website.

Incident Date Wing Location Report File Size
22.06.2016 HG Chabre Mountain Laragne France 2016_06_22_hg-Chabre-Mountain-Laragne-France.pdf3450k
18.06.2016 PG Devils Dyke 2016_06_18_pg-devils-dyke.pdf18k
22.03.2016 PPG Selsey 2016_03_22_ppg-selsey.pdf2143k
18.09.2015 PG Buttermere 2015_09_18_pg-buttermere.pdf117k
31.07.2015 PG Edge Top 2015_07_31_pg-edge-top.pdf6576k
07.07.2015 PPG Siuran Alt Emporda Spain 2015_07_07_ppg-siuran-alt-emporda-spain.pdf89k
21.06.2015 PG Algodonales Spain 2015_06_21_pg-algodonales-spain.pdf17k
29.07.2014 PG Combe Gibbet 2014_07_29_pg-combe-gibbet.pdf178k
04.12.2013 PG Pendle Hill 2013_12_04_pg-pendle-hill.pdf1641k
26.05.2013 HG Long Mynd 2013_05_26_hg-long-mynd.pdf3704k
20.05.2013 PG Annecy, France 2013_05_20_pg-Annecy,-France.pdf83k
21.03.2012 HG Teba Spain 2012_03_21_hg-teba-spain.pdf2532k
30.09.2011 PG Tinto Hill 2011_09_30_pg-tinto-hill.pdf735k
28.08.2011 PG Newgale Beach 2011_08_28_pg-newgale-beach.pdf352k
17.07.2011 PG Black Knowe Head 2011_07_17_pg-black-knowe-head.pdf6688k
03.03.2011 HG Mam Tor 2011_03_03_hg-mam-tor.pdf20706k
28.08.2010 PG Staddon Heights 2010_08_28_pg-staddon-heights.pdf22969k
27.06.2010 HG Clatter, Mid Wales 2010_06_27_hg-clatter,-mid-wales.pdf820k
14.11.2009 PG Agregour Morocco 2009_11_14_pg-agregour-morocco.pdf32933k
05.11.2009 PG Eagles Nest, Mirhleft, Morocco 2009_11_05_pg-eagles-nest,-mirhleft,-morocco.pdf130k
29.08.2009 PPG Cheriton 2009_08_29_ppg-cheriton.pdf236k
08.08.2009 PG Long Mynd 2009_08_08_pg-long-mynd.pdf31109k
12.04.2009 PG Corndon Hill 2009_04_12_pg-corndon-hill.pdf199k
19.03.2009 PG Algodonales Spain 2009_03_19_pg-algodonales-spain.pdf140k
12.05.2008 PG Loch Lomond 2008_05_12_pg-loch-lomond.pdf387k
02.05.2008 PG Eyam 2008_05_02_pg-eyam.pdf371k
02.09.2007 PG Woldingham 2007_09_02_pg-woldingham.pdf312k
08.07.2007 PPG Bexhill 2007_07_08_ppg-bexhill.pdf900k
11.06.2007 PPG Tetbury 2007_06_11_ppg-tetbury.pdf364k
26.05.2007 PG Wether Fell 2007_05_26_pg-wether-fell.pdf319k
07.09.2006 PG White Rocks Ni 2006_09_07_pg-white-rocks-ni.pdf430k
27.08.2005 PG Milk Hill 2005_08_27_pg-milk-hill.pdf505k
12.07.2005 PG Bo Peep 2005_07_12_pg-bo-peep.pdf3050k
13.03.2005 HG Long Mynd 2005_03_13_hg-long-mynd.pdf2562k
15.05.2004 PPG Flag Near Buxton 2004_05_15_ppg-flag-near-buxton.pdf4601k
15.08.2003 HG Great Fransham 2003_08_15_hg-great-fransham.pdf3214k
04.04.2003 HG Harting Down 2003_04_04_hg-harting-down.pdf7365k
21.03.2003 PG Tailbridge Hill 2003_03_21_pg-tailbridge-hill.pdf1946k
21.07.2002 PG Abertysswg 2002_07_21_pg-abertysswg.pdf4877k
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Incident Reports (Formal Investigations) last updated: 22 August 2014

Key to wing types:
HG = Hang Glider
PG = Paraglider
PHG = Powered Hang Glider
PPG = Powered Paraglider (Paramotor)
PA = Parascending