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BHPA Member Forms

The following table lists BHPA forms likely to be of interest to individual BHPA members.

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Member Forms
Advanced_Pilot_Rating_application.pdf Application form for Advanced Pilot Rating (Hill or Tow, HG or PG) 57k 11 April 2012
Pilot_Rating_application.pdf Application form for Pilot Rating (Hill or Tow, HG or PG) 61k 30 August 2011
Pilot_Paragliding_Power_application.pdf Application form for Pilot Rating Paraglider Power 47k 17 October 2016
Application_examination_Dual_pilot.pdf Application for examination - Dual Pilot 114k 10 June 2016
Dual_Pilot_Dual_AEI_Exam(Mock).pdf Mock Dual pilot/AEI(Dual) Examination 154k 04 July 2018
Additional_Environment_Form.pdf Form for registering additional Enviroments (previously know as endorsements) to an existing qualification 104k 16 May 2012
FAI_delta.pdf Application form for FAI Bronze Hang Gliding 104k 21 February 2017
FAI_Eagle.pdf Application form for FAI Bronze Eagle Paragliding 104k 21 February 2017
To apply for FAI Silver, Gold and Diamond hang gliding or paragliding endorsements, please visit the FAI web site
IPPI_Application_form.pdf IPPI Card Application form 96k 26 February 2013
FAI_Application_form.pdf FAI Sporting Licence Application form 964k 16 January 2019
NB. If you've trained outside of the BHPA and now wish to join the BHPA, please download and read Alternative Entry to the Pilot Rating Scheme before applying for BHPA membership. If you fly a Single-Seat Deregulated (SSDR) microlight and wish to join the BHPA, please download and read Single-Seat Deregulated (SSDR) microlights and the BHPA before applying for BHPA membership
mship_form.pdf BHPA Membership Application Form 100k 06 April 2018
Dct_Debit_form.pdf Direct Debit Form 62k 10 January 2011
annual_canopy_inspection.pdf Annual Canopy Inspection Form 95k 13 January 2010
500_Club.pdf The 500 Club Monthly Lottery - A chance to win cash prizes and help the Association 125k 15 April 2013
Site_Purchase_Fund_Contribution_form.pdf Making a voluntary contribution to the BHPA Sites Purchase Fund 129k 10 April 2017
NB. The paper incident report form has now been discontinued. Please use the online incident report system instead.
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